Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ujian Kod Morse 1/2009

Ujian Kod Morse 2009-1
Sesiapa berminat dan berkemampuan boleh memohon.

Klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut (format pdf)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Gooddays,

Dear all fox hunters,

You are cordially invited to participate in ARDF OPEN 2009 Competition jointly organized by Wilayah V17 groups and Pusat Kokurikulum Kuala Lumpur.

The schedule as follows :-

Date : 5 APRIL 2009 (revised)
Time : 0800-1500
Venue : Pusat Kokurikulum Kuala Lumpur (map)
Hunt mode: On foot/pedestrian route.

Fees :

Fox Hunt only

* Individual - RM40
* Team (2 persons) - RM80
* Students (2 persons) - RM50

SLALOM only (per person) - RM20

Package Fox Hunt + SLALOM (per person) - RM50

Mode of payment :

1) Cash - please pay to Talib (019-2052870)

2) Bank-in to AmBank Acc. 224-202-200189-2 (X TRAIT RESOURCES)

Please acknowledge your payment by email your copy of payment receipt to wilayahv17@gmail.com or sms Talib (019...)

Let us know if you're having difficulties to make a payment.


1. RDF a.k.a Fox Hunting (5 CW Beacon - MOE,MOI,MOS,MOH,MO5)
2. Slalom Fox Hunting (First time to be introduced in Malaysia)
3. Mini Field Day
4. ARDF Technical Talk
5. Flea Market
6. Exhibitions

Championships Categories:

1. Individual
2. Two persons per team ( only one set of RDF kit allowed)


Open to all Malaysian Citizenship only.


Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) is the sport of finding a very low power hidden radio transmitters on foot, using radio receiver, antenna, map, and compass in diverse. ARDF joins orienteering skills like the proper use of topographic maps, compass skills, and locational awareness, with radio direction finding skills using hand-held portable receivers and antennas. It is great fun for young and old alike - an opportunity for personal challenge in the great outdoors!

A lot of prizes to be won such as a RADIO TRANSCEIVER and many more radio equipment is waiting for you. DON'T MISS IT!



Early registration can be made by REGISTER HERE or mailto:wilayahv17@blogspot.com

Please keep up to date by visiting this official website regularly.

Looking forward for your participation.

Thank you.

APRS Techical Talks

Hai semua everyone...

Just to inform some updates mengenai ini APRS tech talk and Demo
conducted by Mr. Art Takahashi JA1OGS (sifu) & Mr. Martin (cikgu)...

a) 15 Feb 09 - Sun - 10.30am onwards .. MARES Club Hse, PJ.. (in charge 9M2ALL)
b) 22 Feb 09 - Sun - 11 am onwards.. (Talk at 1pm).. Port Dickson.. (In charge 9M2CJ)

gunalah peluang ini untuk mendapat info yang lebih mengenai APRS mode,
and secara khususnya, program "Ui View32 v2.03" APRS tracker software..

Token: RM 10 - 15 per person (pls confirm dgn in-charge)..
("central system" to buy cenderamata for speaker & mungkin
kena sewa peralatan sikit.. OHP & PA system...) kita cuba dpt free klu boleh..
a) MARES - 15 Feb - pls check dgn 9M2ALL & 9W2RUT
b) PD - 22 Feb - pls check with 9W2PD & 9W2DZU & 9W2RUT
Makan: kita ikut harga menu yang ditetapkan.. (stall/buffet/ala carte)...

liason persons:
KL/Sel/Putrajaya: 9W2RUT (9w2rut@gmail.com) / 9M2CJ
NS: 9W2LUD (9w2lud@gmail.com) / 9W2DZU
Melaka: 9W2HHL (9w2hhl@gmail.com) / 9W2EJA (9w2eja@gmail.com)
Johor: 9W2BUG (johorham@gmail.com)
Pahang: 9W2RZL (9w2rzl@gmail.com)

saya punya online cikgu adalah..
9W2KEY - http://www.9w2key.arkb.org.my/
9W2RUT - http://9w2rut.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-9w2rut-3-station.html
9W2LL -
9M2CJ -

related softwares in my PC..
a) AGWPE v2005, 127 - http://www.kc2rlm.info/soundcardpacket/index.html
b) UISS v5.2.3c - http://users.belgacom.net/hamradio/uiss.htm
c) PCSat Telemetry Decoder v 2.42s - (Under Ui View)

other softwares
d) Orbitron v3.71 - http://www.stoff.pl/
e) MMSSTV v1.11G - http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/mmsstv/
f) Ham Radio Deluxe v4.0 SP4 - http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/
g) Echolink v2.0.908 - http://www.echolink.org/

related www
h) Google Earth APRS - http://aprs.fi/
i) Int Space Station - http://www.issfanclub.com/
j) APRS info - http://aprs.org/ (Download dia punya ppt 3MB)
k) Byonics Inc - http://www.byonics.com/
l) google.com - search engine.. Power point presentations.. hihi..

oklah ini bits and peices that i know.. experience baru 2 bulan saja..
so, kalau tak deh halangan, pls do come for both the talks..
sama sama belajar ini baru punya mode...
thanks alot... 73 de 9W2PD.. Rabin..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keputusan RAE 2/2008

Untuk makluman semua, keputusan RAE 2/2008 telah pun dikeluarkan pada 2 Februari 2009. Tahniah diucapkan kepada yang berjaya. Kepada yang tidak berjaya, harap boleh mencuba lagi.

Klik SINI untuk keputusan rasmi:

Perkara-perkara yang perlu dilakukan setelah lulus RAE

1. Tunggu surat pengesahan lulus daripada MCMC
2. Isi Surat Permohonan Callsign
3. Isi Borang permohonan Apparatus Assignment (A.A)
4. Isi Surat Sokongan 9M2
5. Isi Surat Akuan Sumpah
6. Lakaran antenna yang akan digunakan.

Dan serahkan pada Pejabat MCMC/SKMM yang berhampiran bersama

RM60.00 (yuran pemprosesan)
RM24.00 untuk setahun (maks 5 tahun shj)

Harap maklum..